Monday, October 29, 2018


Several years ago, we lost our physical polling place.  
We now have to mail in our ballot.
Which I have mixed feelings about.  
It is easier in the long run and I liked having the option to file for an absentee ballot for those times that deemed it necessary.
But there is something powerful about walking into a building, signing my name as I check in and filling out my choices to help make this country, state, county, city and schools better.
I remember making a big deal about it to our kidnicks when they were little.
They went with me.
We discussed what it meant and why it was important.
It is a privilege given to the people in this country.
I remember growing up, my Mom's parents bantering back and forth.
Often times, one of their votes would cancel the other one out.
But it didn't matter.
They voted.
My parents vote.
My hubby and I vote.
And our children (all who are legal to) vote.
I do have a request, though.

Now that I have mailed in my ballot, is there a way to STOP all of the political ads?
If only.

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