Friday, October 26, 2018

A Sister's Visit

 Several months ago, I learned that my Norwegian sister would be visiting California for a week with her daughter. 
 Seems G's dear friend and her family would be living in the Bay Area, like Mari and her family had 2 years ago.  
Mari and I hoped we would be able to visit for a bit and as the time grew closer, a plan was devised.
She offered to drive to us and spend the night before driving back the following day.
The fact that she took the time in her jet-lagged life to drive that distance to spend one night with us gives you just a glimpse of the special person she is.
My sister and brother in law were able to join us along with Mom and Dad and Chris.  
We had tacos and laughter.
We shared stories and memories.

 Oh...and love. 
Lots of love.

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Unknown said...

Lots of love indeed. Thank you for a wonderful evening. The fact that I took the drive is because how special YOU are. Love, Mari