Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Have Been Bitten

I have been in a bit of a blogging rut for quite some time.
There has been so much I want to write about, that I fear I have just put blinders on and done nothing. 
But, I realize I miss writing my thoughts down, big and small and am determined to make a change. 
And because of this desire to blog again, I was bitten.
Well, I wanted to celebrate our country's birthday tomorrow.
I thought I would mention that my 6 times great grandfather fought in the American Revolution.
Imagining what he, as well as his family, endured to help create this country makes me proud.
As I pulled my Ross Family history binder from the bookshelf to get Thomas' details, the genealogy bug bit me hard.
I opened two boxes of records my Mom gave me and have them spread all over the couch.
I learned where he served and under whom.
I found an essay written about his commanding officer.
I learned that when we were in Boston in May, I very well may have walked in his footsteps.
Thankfully, the laundry is done...
the kitchen is cleaned...
dinner has been planned and the heat outside is such that I feel little guilt about sitting in the AC, under a fan, listening to music and searching for records.
That bug bit hard.

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