Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Have you ever completely lost track of what the date was?
I mean, completely?
I have a knowledge that school begins next week, so I haven't lost complete track of time and if pressed, I could probably have come up with the correct day of the week.
But the actual date.
I could not have told you for all the tea in China.
I went to town yesterday.
Four times, but that is another story.
Anywhoooo...as I stood in line at Target with my ONE item (yes, it IS possible), looking at the hordes of people around me, my mind touched on the fact that it must be the end of the month.
And people must be school shopping.
Even though their carts were laden with toilet paper and sodas...not binders or clothes.
And then my speculation disappeared.
So as I sat down at the computer this morning, it hit me.
I looked at the calendar and discovered THIS!
The 31st!
Of July!

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Michelle said...

My summer has flown by, much faster than in times past. In the summer I frequently lose track of the days.