Monday, June 4, 2018

Giving it to Him

This day.
We arrived home after a nearly 3 week vacation to Boston and the Azores on Friday.
Pure perfection in so many ways.
Good enough to outweigh the fact that Chris left his I-Pad on the plane in Boston and no luck has occurred in locating it yet.
Saturday was spent unpacking and washing clothes.
  I was determined to get everything properly put away and I succeeded.
That is not always the case.
I actually had to finish unpacking my travel purse from our trip in March before we left on this one.
Yesterday, we watched our youngest compete in a gymkhana.
Thankfully, we had the horse boarded and in training while we were gone and they both did super.
Took a nap and visited with my parents.
  Nice  day.
This morning, I got up, stuck a small load in the washer from yesterday and was ready to hit the grocery store at 630am because.....three weeks gone?
No food.
And hubby's sisters and brother in law are coming over tonight for dinner.
Anyway, as I was heading out, the washer beeped its magical beep that indicates I need to climb on top of said machine to unhook water hoses and clean the sand from them. 
Decided to forgo that task until after the shopping, so I turned the water off that is usually the issue and unplugged the contraption.
Away I went.
Fresh veggies and fruit never looked so good and I returned home.
Made dessert for tonight and put dinner in the crockpot. 
Reheated the coffee I had inadvertently forgotten to drink earlier and propped my feet up to post this photo on Instagram.

As I hit "share", I heard a crash and water rushing.
Water that had, for 2 hours, trickled into the tub of the washer, filling it to capacity thus forcing the door open, spewing water and clothes out. into the laundry room...
...into the hallway and pantry and into the kitchen.
Happy Monday!
After a short, but very loud tantrum, I turned the normally non-problematic water valve off and  grabbed towels to stop the water from flowing onto the wood floors and baseboards.
A pond.
In my house.
Now, mind you, only the water that was above the rim of the tub flew out.
I now have a tub filled to the rim with water that sloshes out if I touch it.
For instance to remove the remaining clothes.
Some finagling, I removed the clothes left behind to the patio table....which is where they remain.
How to get the rest of the water out of the washer.
My handy dandy hose that I never got around to using outside and an empty plastic tub.
Yes....I syphoned the water out.
It worked.

 SPP was trooper in lugging every towel in the house out to the clothes line to drip dry until I can wash them.
She also took it upon herself to set the table for dinner tonight complete with a centerpiece using what we have.

I  pulled the washer and dryer out and climbed behind to clean up the water....
...and wet dust bunnies...
...and bounce sheets...
...lost socks....
You get the idea, I'm sure.
And then this.
This cuff was a gift from my kidnicks and I thought I had lost it.
Years ago.
And right then...when I needed these words desperately, it appeared.
"Giving it to Him".
And I did.
No more crying or tantrums.
I cleaned up the mess, discovered the repair was beyond my talents and I called a professional.
He is supposed to be here before 5:00PM.
Not next week.
"Giving it to Him"
And I just received an E-Mail from the airline.
They found Chris'  I-Pad.
And they are sending it Fed-Ex.
"Giving it to Him"

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