Thursday, May 24, 2018

Old Photo Albums

Recently, I dug out the photo album of our last trip to the Azores.
Some 15 years ago.
Looking through these pictures, evokes many feelings and thoughts.
The wish that I could understand what is being said during these intense conversations and sadness that some of the conversationalists are no longer with us...
...although THEY are conversing together, I am certain.
The joy I feel when I remember these people.
Their kindness.
Their love for me and my little family.

The pride with which my Mother in Law spoke when showing  her childhood home to us.
The stories of beaus told with a mischievous grin.

The pride that these people have in their culture and traditions.

And the laughter.
Laughter and smiles cross any language barrier.

Laughter, smiles, pride and family.
Right-side up or tilted.
It matters not.

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MoriDawn said...

One of the reasons I love thou sooo much you have such a loving heart