Wednesday, April 18, 2018


As LPP has registered for her last classes as an undergraduate and we have filled out our final FAFSA forms (for 4 years, at least), I find myself reflecting on just how grateful I am that she chose the college she did. 
It has not always been easy, but it has been faith building, nurturing, rewarding,  safe and academically held to a high standard. 
We received the following letter yesterday from the school.
Further solidifies my feelings.
Dear Parents,
 The Easter season offers so many reasons to give thanks for a renewed sense of hope. As you are all too well aware, our community, including your students, have been through a lot these past months: trials and tribulations, tremendous loss for some, major and minor inconvenience for others, and anxiety and fatigue. Your students have rallied beyond what we could ever imagine by not only adapting to the ever-changing demands of weather but by reaching out to each other and, more significantly, to our Montecito neighbors. They have modeled what it means to be a Christ-follower, and it has been inspiring. This is the glory of the resurrection, the hope of Easter, that He came to make beauty from ashes and to carve a path for us that leads to abundant life.
 I give thanks as we look toward the end of the year. Thank you for your faithfulness, your trust in us, the ways you have helped your son or daughter grow in their sense of independence, resilience and, ultimately, their faith and hope. I give thanks for our amazing leadership at the college, for President Beebe and his team who worked tirelessly to move us through this season while staying focused on our core commitments. These include helping your student become a deep-thinking person of God who is equipped to serve the world with excellence in any sphere of society God calls them to.
  As a parent of a graduating student, I know I join all the other parents of seniors who give thanks for the transformation in their student’s life, for the ways they have grown and changed as faculty and staff have invested in them during these years. We celebrate this milestone together. For those of you with students returning in the fall, we’re grateful for continued opportunities to learn together, draw closer as a community, and experience in new ways the hope to which He has called us.
 I’m so grateful you have walked this journey with us.
Senior Director Alumni ,Parent Relations

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Michelle said...

That is a lovely letter.