Monday, March 5, 2018

A Special Road Trip

There are a few people who cross the path that is our life and impact us in ways we will always remember. 
Mo crossed LPP's path first and somehow, became woven into all of ours. 
The girls' birthdays are days apart and we celebrated them nearly 3 years ago
Shortly after the party, Melissa moved to South Dakota and then began her LDS Mission.
It had been a long time since we saw her smiling face in person, although I have a sweet friend, whom I have never met in person, track Mo down at Temple Square in Salt Lake City for me in 2016, and took a photo.
I also forwarded it to Mo's mom.
It made her happy, too.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago when, Miss Mo made her way back to our town for a bit before she  starts school.
I went to hear her speak at her church (which was impressive, heartfelt and powerful)
I also got a hug that darned near knocked me off my feet.
And then we made plans.
Plans to surprise a special college girl in Santa Barbara.
LPP had a three day weekend, but with all of the driving she has been doing for school/fieldwork and evacuations, she didn't feel up to a road trip.
So we took the road trip to her.
Her roommate and another friend were in on the planning and scheming.
Payment was agreed upon in the form of cookies.
My normal pre-gymkhana posts were made on social media in case LPP checked.
She didn't.

And away we went.
I picked Mo up and we drove to Santa Barbara.
The reunion was sweet.
And a surprise until 2 seconds before we walked in the door.
It was fun to listen to these two catch up.
And smile.
And laugh.
I was blessed to be there.

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Michelle said...

Wonderful that they were able to reunite.