Sunday, December 24, 2017

Yesteryear...Stockings and Magic

Christmas, for me, has always had an air of magic to it and I decided I 'd share some of it with you.
I went in search for a Christmas photo and instead took a trip down memory lane. 
The girls joined me on the couch with my photo album and we laughed together.
There are letters I Santa asking for the usual stuff and acknowledging it was okay if he didn't bring the bigger house for Mommy and the horse for myself...because I knew he wouldn't.
The letter my 10 year old self wrote BEGGING my parents not to move from Upper Lake because I LOVED Troy Richardson more than Doober...but not as much as my family.
(If my memory serves me correctly, Troy had dark hair, wore a leather jacket, like the Fonz, and had a mom with an English accent.

All very romantic to a 5th grade girl apparently)
There are also report cards.
Hmmmm....seems I have a very selective memory in than arena.
I also didn't always stay on task.
Now SPF's side- trackedness makes sense.
We finally made it through the first 18 years of my life...revelations and all...and came up with photos for my original purpose.
Christmas' past.
The trees were always picked lovingly and carefully.
There had to be enough space between the branches for the case of tinsel we hung.
  And then sprayed snow from a can.
Mom has always had a knack for making things pretty and magical.
Christmas was spent at our home with grandparents joining us...except for one.,
For some reason, we spent Christmas at my Grandparents' house in Santa Maria.
I remember this.
The white stockings were made by my Grandma Jean and are the same ones my parents use to this day.

When we moved to Upper Lake the stockings were always there.
Over the years, I never wondered why there were 8 stockings, but I think I just figured it out. 
Grandma made one for each of the 4 of us and one for each grandparent.
I think.
On another side note, (remember the sidetrackedness and staying on task?)...this living room.
Note the greenery that Mom used.
On the clock and mantel.
See the mistletoe pinned to the doorway?
The built ins decorated just so? 
The dome filled with red ornaments?
THAT has been a source of intrigue every year to everyone who saw it.
The little touches.
Her knack.
Loved it!
Oh...and that wood floor?
They were GREAT fun to run and slide across in your socked feet...until a splinter entered said foot.
This picture tells a story.
Rebecca and I are holding special gifts and listening intently to our Grandma Jean tell us something about the boxes we are about to open.
How do I know?
Because there is a bit of her caftan robe in the bottom left corner.
The robe that she wore for as long as I can remember.
It was soft and shiny and bright.
The robe Mom is wearing had a gold and black trim and was so elegant. 
Her face as well and Grandad's lend further proof that this was a special moment.
I wonder if Mom remembers what was in the boxes.
The stockings now moved to Porterville, complete with my very short hair and matching jammies.

While Christmas Eve dinner will be here this evening, some things remain the same.
The same stockings will be set out at my parents' house tonight for Santa to fill with treats to be opened tomorrow night at their house.
Traditions, family and stockings.
We are blessed indeed.

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