Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Long Birthday Weekend

Our baby's birthday fell on a Monday this year and when that occurs, the celebration often lasts numerous days. 
This was no exception.
All SPF asked for on her birthday was to have two friends spend the night.
Two friends who share a love for horses.
A few phone calls, texts and shifting of schedules, we made it happen .
The girls made their own pizza creations and then hunkered down for movies, manicures and giggles.

Sunday began with biscuits and chocolate gravy for breakfast and shenanigans in the orchard, on the tightrope and a bit of time around and on Piper. 

These girls are fun and funny and a good time was had by all.
One perk to celebrating one's birth over several days is there is a chance for numerous meal requests.
Monday morning began with a Flying Apple Flapjack.
S'More Marshmallows were ready to be taken to school and her cake baked.
A piece was mailed to her sister in college.

SPF's dinner request was two fold. 
Monday night included a 4-H meeting and a brother on call at work, so the celebration would conclude the following night with a dinner out.
  She chose warm spinach salad and twice baked taters to eat before her 4-H secretary duties began.
Hubby added steak to the mix and she was a happy camper.
Being a teenager means lighting your own candles before blowing powdered sugar all over the photographer taking pictures.
Fun stuff!
On a side note. 
If anyone has little people in their MUST make a birthday box.
I didn't do this until late in their lives, but looking back each year is precious.
Being reminded that this girl once wanted to be a Marine Biologist makes me smile.
Had I begun the box earlier, there would have been made mention the occupation of Princess as well.
I wish this girl a year of new memories filled with laughter, love, comfort and happiness.
I am quite certain the next 13 years are going to fly by even more quickly than the first thirteen did.
Hang on and savor each moment.

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