Monday, September 11, 2017

Still True

I wrote this post was written 6 years ago.
But I believe it bears repeating.
We came together as a nation in the midst of an attack.
An attack that hit us at our very core of being Americans.
And I believe, be must NEVER forget.
What we felt.
What we saw.
What it meant.
And how we reacted.

Lollipop Pop came home from school yesterday (high school) and had watched "The Falling Man"
The class took notes and then discussed it together.
It told the story of a man who had jumped from the North Tower 10 years ago.
A Canadian reporter had been assigned to find out who this man was.
By using clues from photos, he discovered the man's identity and spoke with his family.
My initial response was that of a mother wanting to protect her child from all the ugliness in the world.
We have talked over the years about the attack on our country and what that meant, but never got into the nitty gritty.
She (as well as Shaggy) have been fortunate enough to visit Ground Zero, but I fear I tried to keep the personal devastation so many people felt, from her.
I was wrong.
She is by far old enough to hear these stories and in doing so, she will also be reminded of the amazing strength and pride that this great country is blessed with.
As the 10th anniversary of this horrific event approaches, I will be glued to the television watching the documentaries and remembrances as we honor those who died and the families left behind...
I will do so with my family.
Even though we did not lose anyone personally on this day, we did lose part of our American Family. This song has been a favorite for years, but I had not seen the video until now.

Regardless what your political beliefs are, this video speaks to us all as Americans.
We must not forget what we felt that day and what was done to us as a nation.

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