Saturday, September 9, 2017

Heart Imprints

As I go through life, I recognize there are people who enter my life and leave imprints on my heart that last forever.
One of those men passed away earlier this week.
Mr. Erwin was  a favorite principal in town for oodles and oodles of students and co workers for many years. 
I first met him when I was in high school with his son.
Mr. Erwin was very active  in our band and became a friend.
His sense of humor was infectious and he never let me forget that I actually thought the name of the airline that would take us to Europe was "Podunk Airlines".
Yes, I was gullible.
Mr. Erwin and his wife Harriet raised three children and as Harriet grew ill with a very long and debilitating illness, he stood by her side in his mind, body and soul.

As I grew older, I learned that he was a true man of God and that that fact is what held him up in trying times. 
His eloquent and loving words he spoke at Harriet's funeral several years ago were beyond moving.
I would run into Mr. Erwin around town and he always had time to chat.
To ask about my family.
His interest in others never waivered and it was not an act.
It was genuine.
He adored his children and grandchildren as well.
And then, he found love again and remarried.
I think that made all that knew him happy.
This is the photo that accompanied his obituary.
It made me smile.
His pure goodness, kindness and humor radiates through his face.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
I pray that Don's children, grandchildren and wife feel the outpouring of love toward them from all who knew him.
He will never be forgotten.
He impacted too many people.

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Scott Erwin said...

That is very touching and a wonderful tribute to Don.