Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Just like That

Our girl has left for college.
As always when she leaves, I am a bit sad.
Not for her, but for myself.
This year was a bit different that the past two years.
First off, we are not involved with the Festa in Pismo in the midst of college departure like the past two years nor were we getting set to take her to an airport to study abroad like last year.
She has a vehicle now
which she packed to the brim.
Cleaned the valley dust off of it.
Passed out hugs and was off.
   Like that.
She's gone.
Like a real adult.
I'm happy.
And a bit wistful
 But mostly excited for her.
Also thrilled that I won't be one of the people helping her UNLOAD that truck up a flight of stairs into her dorm room.

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