Thursday, August 3, 2017

An Addition

 While this summer certainly did not rank high in the overwhelmingly busy realm, much of it has included a horse.
She has been staying at Unity Farms about 20 minutes away. 

Ashley has a fantastic training and boarding facility and worked with Piper as well as the girl for the past 3 months.
Yesterday was the day that Piper came to reside at The NutHouse.
A few last minute details had to be ironed out and were.
A layer of dirt for the corral as well as a trailer.

While our girl would have been happy RIDING her home, not sure Piper would have agreed.
Yesterday was all about a young lady showing her equine friend around the place...stopping for a quick snack...introducing her to the dogs and chickens.
Making sure she knew she was home.

This is a part of our new normal.
(I need to go put that ladder away)
And for all the above as well as the behind the scene stuff that has allowed this to happen...
I am grateful.

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Mari said...

Yay! I got goose bumps just imagining how you all must feel today.