Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Much Needed

I was reminded firsthand a couple weeks ago just how much difference a few days away from the rigmarole of life can make.
We are very fortunate to have access to my hubby's family's beach house and we utilized it recently.
SPF, hubby and I drove over on a Friday morning and I must say that as we crested the last hill and saw the ocean, I wondered why we had chosen to come to a place with no air conditioning.
But over the next 3 minutes, we watched THIS happen. 
We relaxed.
We had drinks and appetizers with friends overlooking the ocean.
Took a stroll on the boardwalk.
And the beach.

We just were.
Nothing more.
It was nice.
Even the smoke in the air from nearby fires made the sunsets spectacular.
Or maybe it was the girl.

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Michelle said...

This looks fantastic to me! I spent a few days with my parents, who live 15 minutes from the beach, this summer. Always a treat to get away.