Friday, July 28, 2017

Lunch Ideas

SPF's school year begins in less than two weeks.
This summer has been a lazy one and I must say it was a welcome change...although I could do with more temperatures under the triple digit mark.
As I try and focus on the school year ahead, I know time in the kitchen will be happening next week. I will get easy dinners and breakfasts in the freezer and get back to my routine of weekly menus. They save me.
I have also decided this year, that I am not making lunches.
Our 7th grade girl will be making her own.
Something that I should have done years ago, but didn't.
Oh well, no time like the present.
She has been given fair warning and suggestions.
She is a bright girl and I doubt she will pack any anything like these.
Maybe I'm wrong.
What are YOUR favorite things to pack in your kid's lunch boxes?
Ideas are welcome.

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Michelle said...

My daughter and I pack lunches. I usually cook extra chicken on Sundays for the week ahead, along with salads. Avacado, string cheese, tuna and salmon packets, salad, olives, bananas/peanut butter, sandwich wraps, and baked chips are typical items we pack. I also pack my own filtered water with walnuts or cashews for snacks.