Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Direct Link to Independence

History has always been fascinating to me and searching to discover what part my ancestors played over the course of time tends to suck me in.
 In the late 1970's my Grandma's sister converted to the Mormon Church. 
In order to do such, she traced her family back many, many generations.
In doing so, she documented the facts to the stories we had heard.
There are Civil War veterans.
And there is a Revolutionary War Veteran.
He fought to make this country become a reality!
Seriously mind blowing to me.

So on this Independence Day, I thought I'd share s bit about my 5 times, great grandfather as written in my Great Aunt's DAR membership application.

"The said Thomas Ross who resided during the American Revolution at Lancaster, MA assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Corporal. 
My ancestors' services during the Revolutionary War are as follows:
Thomas Ross served in the Provincial Regiment of Foot of Militia Men, commanded by Col. Asa Whitcomb of the Chocksett Parish as part of the 2nd and 30th Companies, where of Daniel Robbins commanded who marched to Cambridge in consequence of an alarm by order of the Colonial and returned."

I have also unearthed a short description what this regiment did.
This regiment contained eleven companies and had an official establishment of 658 officers and men. It was commanded by Colonel Asa Whitcomb, who served as colonel until the end of the year.
It served in the Siege of Boston until its disbandment at the end of 1775.

So on this Independence Day, let's remember way back when and give thanks to the men who had the foresightedness to put into action something that had never been done before and all those who believed.
And fought.
And sacrificed everything in order for us to live in America.

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