Saturday, June 24, 2017

Our Family's Final June Birthday

I wrote this about my sister 5 years ago and every word still rings true. 
Maybe even more so now.
Next year she will be joining her big sister in the next decade.
So...if you know this beautiful baby, will you wish her a happy day?
From 2012
Today is my sister's younger and only sister. She and I are two years apart and we were each others' best friend growing up.
Mom and Dad share a story that when she came home from the hospital, Mom called me for dinner.  I decided that my brand new sister should join us at the table.  Thankfully she was swaddled tightly in a blanket as I carried her to th dining room.  Mom remembers hearing my Dad take a couple long strides to reach me before I dropped the baby!
 We played games, rode bikes, sang and made "the recipe" in the front yard.  The recipe consisted of a large bucket with dirt, leaves, flowers and water.  Sometimes there were secret ingredients, too. You must stir the recipe in such a way with a stick that the consistancy was perfect.  Then you served it to your family and friends.  While we fought like sister do, we never held grudges....well, almost none.  Her cat, Muffin was out to get me...always...I had permanent claw marks on my legs as a child. 
I have almost let that go, though...almost.
 My sister is smart, beautiful and kind. 
She is insanely creative and fun to be around with a fantastic sense of humor.
She is a wonderful mother and with my brother in law is raising two exceptional kidnicks. 
She is the aunt who all children flock to, still...

So, on this day, I celebrate my sister and my friend. 
Happy Birthday!
I love you.

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