Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mixups, Awards and Friends

As I was perusing my camera card the other day, I discovered a few from SPF's awards assembly that just made me smile.
She had been awarded one of the high grade level awards along with another girl, when her teacher jogged up to the principal and began chatting.
There had been a mixup.
The mixup would be remedied in private.
As the assembly ended, we, and another set of parents were asked to come up front. 
The mixup was explained and the proper awards were given.
To these two.
It was even better than if done correctly in the first place.
Miss A. was one of SPF's  Festa attendants last year and is one of her sweetest friends.
One who will be attending another school next year.
We will miss her smiling face everyday.
And then this.
Two years ago, along with the other Festa Attendant, these three received entry to the Millionaire Club.
This year was no different.
Three dear friends.
More often than not with smiles on their faces.
All of them.
Makes my heart happy.

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