Friday, June 2, 2017


Mount Shasta is a LOOOONGGGGG way from where we live.
At least 8 hours with a lunch break.
BUT the sights, smells and feelings I experience every time I return, make me forget the least until the return trip.
LPP, my parents and I made the trek on Friday and returned home on Sunday. 
While it was a quick trip, it was a rewarding trip down Memory Lane.
Lake Shasta is full again. 

When we were there 3  years ago, that was not the case.

And my mountain?
Three years ago.
Last weekend.

She is covered with snow that nearly took my breath away.
Can a mountain look happy?
I think maybe so.
Black Butte stood guard and looked just as pretty as always, in a different way.
  I can hardly believe that three years ago, my family climbed to the top
(Me, not quite to the top, but almost)
We had dinner at an all-time favorite restaurant where our teenage busgirl learned she had made the cheerleading squad when the squad came into the restaurant and sang/cheered the information to her and then sang Happy Birthday to the bartender. 
Life in a small town.
I love it!
Our two evenings were spent sitting on our adjoining patio areas visiting more.
And reading the news and the menu.

Dad showed me the house that he and his family rented for a couple years before purchasing the house that will forever be known as Grandma's house. 
I don't remember ever seeing it before.
Would have loved to get out and wander, but time was of the essence.

We also got to visit with my Aunt and Uncle for a bit.
Both have had health concerns and it was great to see them, hug them and visit...if only for a little while..
And get a picture of big brother and little sister together.
(The day after we left, Aunt Jan fell in her yard and broke her silly hip. 
Would you say a prayer for healing?
Thank you.)

Mt. Shasta is a powerful place.
Some believe it is home to Lemurians.
.Some see it as a skiing and hiking challenge.
I see it as home.

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Michelle said...

I am glad to see that Mother Nature is being kind to your area, once again. I also love the part about the restaurant. Life in a small town is great!