Monday, June 26, 2017

A Year...Already?

The older I get, the faster time seems to move. 
I suppose everyone feels that way. 
But this year? 
Warp speed.
Mari arrived last summer to live in Palo Alto for the year where her husband had a fellowship at Stanford and her two kidnicks would be experiencing American high School for the year. 
I will say that they took full advantage of their time here and experienced much.
English was perfected.
Friends were made.
New places seen.
And we were blessed to be a small part of that.
During their first week here, we met as they experienced the hoopla that is a Portuguese Festa.

Old homes were visited, long awaited hugs were delivered and dinners shared.

The sending of our girl to Europe for a semester was made easier.
Thanksgiving and a birthday were celebrated with good food and a visit to the mountains with the best tour guide around.

New Year's Eve was enjoyed together with  a seafood dinner on a pier.
A couple days of  just girls recently.
We solved most of the world's problems.
And one final visit two weeks ago.
Just being together.
Savoring the experience.
Looking forward to the next time.
Today, they end their year in California.
Their suitcases are packed.
They are in travel mode now.
For home.
Where they have family and friends who are chomping at the bit to hug and hold them again.

Who knew that when this teenager came to live with our family all those years ago, such a bond would be forged?

It was a blessing.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you made a life long friend.