Tuesday, May 16, 2017


This year's installment of our water saga is decidedly more upbeat than in the past.
It was three years ago that our new agriculture well was dug.
It was two years ago that we also lost our domestic well.
Two years in which my sweet hubby filled a tank with water from the ag well which then flowed through our domestic tank and into the house.
Two years in which water outside was used to keep only certain plants and trees on life support. 
Not all survived. 
Years when ears became fine tuned to the sound of water running in the bathroom for a fraction of a second longer than necessary followed by the words,
"I hear water running".
Years when the sight of water drilling rigs was a daily occurrence.
Then, this winter happened.
We had rain.
And mountain snow.
And lakes began filling up and the fear of snowmelt and overflow became a reality for many people.
For us, we have been very lucky.
Our property line runs adjacent to the slough which is used as flood control.
Until this year, the last time was saw water in the slough was in 2010.
This January, it looked like this.
In March, this happened because we had heard rumors that the flow would be turned of shortly.
Fast forward to the middle of May.
Water is still being released from the lake and with increasingly warmer temperatures on the way, it will continue.
What does this mean to us, other than enjoying the convenience of riverfront property?
It means that our domestic well is now pumping water directly into the house and that the water level in our ag well (in addition to the domestic) has risen at least 30 feet.
It means a bit of a respite from that stress.
It means that there are a few more seconds in the bathroom before I announce I hear water running.
Not many more, but a few.
We are so very grateful.


Michelle said...

I am so glad there is some improvement with the water situation.

Melinda said...

So glad to hear this! Maybe those hard years of drought are behind you! So happy for you!