Monday, May 1, 2017

I Have Hope

SPF participated in our county 4-H Fair over the weekend. 
While she did not show any animals, she did enter her table setting, two cooking items and 
3 photographs.
We wandered over on Saturday morning to see how her items placed and to see if the favorites we had seen on check in night were winners as well.
There are lots of table settings...functional as well as a couple in the exhibition divisions. 
Such creativity.
She entered her Beauty and the Beast setting and received a Champion Ribbon.

There is some great talent in 4-H and knowing that there are adults...parents, grandparents...neighbors who are willing to giving up a bit of their time to  teach and share what they know to the next generations gives me hope.

Spending time in the garden...working with your hands in a Fairy Garden is so much more than simply planting a few plants.
It is being creative. 
Thinking outside the box, so to speak.
In years to come when these kids are grown, maybe knowing some basic skills in the gardening arena will allow a family to be fed or bring solace and peace after a hard day's work in the adult world.

Maybe as cake decorating and sewing skills grow, a hobby will be cultivated into a business.

Learning these skills may never lead to a business, but the memories that are being made during these years are priceless.
In a world as fast paced and prone to instant gratification as ours, it is heartwarming to see that there are people willing to share how to take a breath...slow down a bit and create.
Like baking your Great Grandma B's "famous" cookies and receiving Grand Champion. 
With a recipe like that, one can conquer the world!


Michelle said...

4-H is such a great organization. They are strong in my county.

Anonymous said...

I love her Beauty and the Beast setting! How cool! I miss the days when my girls did 4H. The 4H displays are one of my favorite things about the county fair. :)