Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Feel the Need for Tissues

This little girl.
This little girl is the daughter of one my Hubby's closest cousins and is his Godchild.
We spent lots of time together when our kiddos were little, including a trip to the Azores....which I forgot to gather pictures before this moment.
Oh Well.
Her Dad was the "MC" at our own wedding and a larger than life man.
When Sam was 7 and her brother 2, that larger than life man died suddenly and tragically.
In the 17 years since, life went on.
There were dark days, but there have been many, many bright ones.
Sam's spirit and light has always shown from the inside and is contagious.
She is compassionate, hard working and kind.
And smart.
She intended to be a teacher when she graduated from college last year, but has decided to add more schooling to become a Family Therapist.
She wants to help people.
Not surprising.
She does that without trying.
Tonight, that beautiful, blond girl will be saying "I Do" to her love.
As I watched my husband  and Evan step into and up to their nontraditional roles at rehearsal last night, I realized something.
That larger than life man was everywhere.
In the beautiful blue skies and shady, green trees.
In the laughter and love of those watching.

I asked Sam a couple days ago if I could post a few old photos of her and write something on my blog.
She readily agreed and I thought about how I wanted to tell this part of Sam's story, but it wasn't until I saw these two photos that I knew.
I knew what I wanted the world (or at least some of the world) to know.
I saw something.
In her fiancé's eyes.

This man adores her.
He adores her and takes care of her in the way she deserves.
They compliment and balance each other.

It is beautiful and it makes my heart sing with joy.
And my eyes overflow.
I must find tissues.

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Melinda said...

How special! What a beautiful new beginning!