Friday, May 26, 2017

I Feel Blessed

What a lucky lady, I am!
My birthday celebration began with a delicious and fun dinner with all three of our kidnicks and my hubby a day early.
We tried our town's new Teppanyaki Bar.
Our chef was fantastic and we visited with a man who was seated with us. 
Great night!
Yesterday, was filled with friends and family texting and visiting with birthday wishes.
Seriously, lucky am I.
Today, I get to travel to my favorite place ever.
LPP, my parents and I will be attending a memorial service. 
I introduced you to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall several  years ago.
Mr. Marshall passed away on Christmas Day and his lovely bride several days afterward.
Their family decided to celebrate their lives when no blizzard was in the forecast and this weekend is it. 
While it is an occasion with sadness, I believe there will be more pride, love, laughter and stories than anything.
I am honored to be going with my parents who put me on the path to know such tremendous people.
And humbled that my girl wanted to tag along.

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