Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Year Gone

Another Fair Season has passed.
Since we had no market animals, we had it much easier than many others.
Other than preparing the indoor projects, SPF only had rabbits.
The heat held off until Friday, so we can't complain too loudly.
The bunnies have been returned home, thanks to some good friends who helped us out, and are now lounging the air conditioned house being spoiled.
As always, I am in awe of the creativity our youth possess. 
While there didn't seem to be as many, the cakes were beautiful as were the photos.

The woodworking that our high school members in FFA create are gorgeous and show true craftsmanship. 
Sewing and horticulture were well represented and so clever.

This year's fair theme was The Grazin' is Amizin'.
SPF's table setting and menu was kind of a farm to table theme set atop a placemat of grass for the grazin'.
Creative, I thought.
There are quite a few  sharp shooters as well....both in riflery and archery.
 As I look at all the indoor projects and watch kids from ages 9 through 18 walking and feeding their animals before and after school.
I am proud. 
These kids are our future.
These kids have a sense of responsibility, compassion and service.
They help one another.
They understand where their food comes from and the value of effort put into something.
I am also proud of the parents and leaders who selflessly give of their time to help guide this next generation of adults.
It's a good thing.


Melinda said...

Well done kids! We're just starting to think about the fair in mid-July and realizing we have a lot of work to do on projects!!

Michelle said...

Bravo! Those cakes are impressive. I always like these events.