Thursday, April 20, 2017


If you are a fan of hard boiled eggs, I'm sure you've had times when the silly shell would not release the yummy egg from its clenches. 
The fresher the egg, the tighter the hold. 
As I was perusing something or other last week, I came across a trick to hard boil fresh eggs without the tell tale signs of pockmarked, divot covered whites in the end. 
I thought I'd give it a ago.
And success! 
As soon as the steam appeared, I covered the pot and let them steam away for 20 minutes over the simmering water. 
I cooled the eggd immediately in ice water and most of the shells, rolled right off giving way to a beautiful yellow yolk. 

Now I have done this two more times, just to make sure the first time wasn't a fluke. 
It wasn't.
Have you ever tried this?

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