Thursday, April 27, 2017

Egg-speriment - Again

I was recently talking to SPF about an experiment we had done a few years ago.
  She had no memory of it.  
After I showed her this post, she kind of remembered.
Well,  we did it again.

And I had her form a hypothesis regarding our two colored eggs and a store bought white egg.
She prediscted that the fresh egg shellss would dissolve more slowly.
She thought the protective coating that gets washed off in mass produced eggs would protect the fresh ones a bit longer
Let's test it.
She covered each egg with white vinegar and immediately watched again as the carbon dioxide bubbles formed  as the acetic acid reacted with the calcium carbonate in the shell.

And then we waited.
The shells seemed to dissolve at the same speed, but the membrane  had a slightly veined appearance in the fresh eggs...maybe from the pigment?
We also noticed that by day two of the vinegar bath, the shell-less eggs had grown in size.
The membrane is slightly permeable and allows water in the vinegar to pass through. 
Pretty cool.

They also bounce.
With school on its downward slope for the year, do you have any cool science experiments for the summer?

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