Friday, March 10, 2017

This Guy, I Like

We used to watch "Dirty Jobs" often.
The subject matter was usually entertaining and the host, Mike Rowe, always upfront and honest. 
He just strikes me as a good guy.
Over the years, I learned that he not only hosted a show about regular people, he supported them.
He believes in them and what they do.
He is behind The MikeRoweWORKSFoundation (good thing since his same is in the...well, name) which offers scholarship to those wanting to learn a trade.
We has spoken before Congress on their behalf.
He puts his money where his mouth is and that is refreshing.
Mike's recent appearance on Tucker Carlson sums up what he is all about and what, I believe, is true.

College is terrific for some.
There are things to be learned in college.
But not everything.
And not for everyone.
What say you?

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