Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Projects and Stuff

I'm not sure if it's the glorious weather we are having or not, but I have had a bee in my bonnet to get nagging little projects around here done. 
As often happens, one little project morphs into several projects, seemingly unrelated to one another.
One such series of projects began with my linen/place to stash stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else cupboard in our bedroom. 
I organized the sheets and actually got rid of those that fit no bed in our house. 
Hmm......extra space....imagine that.
I then sorted through the area of stashed stuff. 
This included award certificates from the kids...gobs of extra school photos before I got smart and order the minimum each year.
  This took longer, but I sorted, filed and tossed a bunch.
During this project, I found the wallpaper samples that LPP and my niece collected years ago to "rejuvenate" the dollhouse that my Grandparents made my sister and me.
Which leads me to my next project.
The dollhouse.
It has been sitting, unused in the garage for years, so I brought her in. 
As I opened the doors, the memories from my childhood rushed back.
  My sister and I used to spend hours playing with it.
Grandad built it for us and Grandma decorated.
  The curtains and bedding was all made by her hands.

Special stuff.
As we removed the furniture, we set up a furniture hospital of sorts where we glued and painted and cleaned as necessary.
All in all, everything was in remarkable condition after all these years. 
I decided with LPP, way back when that she could redecorate the house to her liking. 
Well, as often happens, life got in the way and we never did. 
Chalk it up to the "middle child gets the short end of the stick" syndrome.
Anyway, as SPF was looking at the rooms, she said, "I'm thinking I'd like to move a wall".
I'm not as accommodating or nice as Chip Gaines. 
She did switch the dining room and kitchen...she wants to add upper cabinets and an island eventually.

The bathroom was always my favorite room...I think I just liked the beaded curtain.
I still do.
We still have the details to on the walls as well as light fixtures and towel racks.
My grandparents left no detail undone.
But for now, we have moved the dollhouse to the playhouse in the yard (another thing that was to be LPP's and never finished). 
I know that my grandparents would be happy to know that this gift will once again be loved and enjoyed.

Took me long enough!
I'm sorry, LPP!

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