Friday, March 31, 2017

March is but a Memory

On this final day of March, spring is definitely in the air.
The taters and artichokes are growing their little hearts out.
And the bean that SPF planted at Favorite Foods Day is looking nice. 
To the garden soon.. 

  The wisteria is on its last blooming legs, but even with the strong windstorm we had yesterday, it  still looks pretty.
As I look at the green, I am reminded that we have lost our maples as well as several other trees. 
Lots of work to do to clean up from that, but its all good. 
Taking out the old and beginning anew has a nice ring to it.

 I think I want to remove the grass in a straight line to the telephone pole and plant Oklahoma Redbuds... 
What say you?

Most of the seeds I ordered have finally arrived so that is on this weekend's agenda. 
What's up in your neck of the woods?
Whatever it is, enjoy.
Happy Friday!

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