Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cheap Entertainment

I recently saw something online for our chickens that I thought would be easy and fun. 
It was.
(I cannot find the original source and I apologize to whomever came up with this brill)
The cast of characters....a ice pick, alollipop stick, kitchen string and a flaty washer thingamajig.   

After poking a pilot hole through the center of the cabbage, we pushed the stick through to make the hole a tad larger.
Hooking the string on the end of the stick, we fed it through the cabbage.
Tying the washer on  one end  and we were done.

A cabbage tetherball...or piñata.

Once the girls figured out what to do, they went to town.
I think we enjoyed watching them almost as much as they enjoyed devouring this thing.
 The following morning, there was but a softball size bit left. 
By the afternoon, nothing remained but the string and the washer.....
...and 7 eggs from 6 chicken.

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Michelle said...

I saw this online and thought it was a great idea. Glad to see your girls liked it!