Monday, March 20, 2017

A Force

One of the greatest pleasures I had while either of our children were in high school, was LPP's golf experience.
Selfishly, grabbing a golf cart with your husband and little girl for a couple hours, was a nice way to spend an afternoon. 
Golf was more than a game for those few years. 
They were years in which new people came into our lives and made impacts on us as well as our kidnicks.
The biggest impact came from LPP's coach. 
I do not believe I have ever met a man with more positive energy surrounding him. 
And everyone feels it.
Nearly four years ago, Coach was diagnosed with lung cancer. 
These girls rallied around him as he began  the fight.
As the treatments continued, he remained positive and more than just hopeful.
He believed.
He exuded confidence and faith and those things touched the girls he coached.
Over the next years, he led the girls to matches and tournaments, sometimes in the midst of treatments, other times when everything looked up. 

After a match, Coach asked each girl what their best, as well as worst hole was.
Celebrate the good and learn from the bad.
It is how this man lives his life.
In addition to teaching during the week, he travelled home to his wife on weekends some 3 hours away.
He continued teaching because he loves it.
 It all seemed exhausting to me, but that never showed in him. 
Last week, he and his family received some news that has Coach in the hospital.
The sheer volume of messages and prayers that people are sending him on FB alone, are staggering. 
He has deeply inspired, encouraged and touched so many people.
And he remains that same man.
I woke up this morning to more positivity from him.

"I believe the challenges I have been going through have made me stronger and closer to GOD..
My favorite quotes are to "Think Positive, Set Goals, and Never Quit".
My daily goal is to "Everyday Make a Difference".

So as a new day dawns, and new challenges are faced, I will continue to pray for Coach, his family and his doctors.
Will you, as well?
His strength, faith and unquestionable positive attitude are forces to be reckoned with.

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