Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Last Hurrah

 The final birthday surprise for my Hubby was last weekend and as anticipated, laughter abounded all night long. 
We had both been talking separately with a friend about getting together for dinner for years.. for her birthday, for Hubby's birthday, for our anniversaries, etc. 
As often happens, it never happened.
They have two kidnicks about SPF's age and with work and activities, it just never occurred. 
BUT, this year, I made a bold move.
I asked K#1 to invite another friend K#2 (both Kelly's and a bit confusing at times) to choose between a couple specific dates and we'd potluck a dinner at our house. 
It was agreed that secrecy would be a fun twist as well. 
K#1's kidnicks would join us and have their own pizza and movie night in the other room.
Hubby had been asked to be clean, home and ready to have fun  and that's it.
Obviously, he knew people were coming over, but not who...for sure.
I set up a table with craft paper and markers and the kids seemed to have fun along with watching movies.

The table was set with words given to me by the guests with wine to match.
And snacks to nosh on before dinner.

I did not even panic when I learned a couple hours prior that the guest bringing dessert couldn't make it at the last minute.
I simply pulled out  some peaches I had prepped last summer, added an extra set of helping hands and we soon had fresh Peach Cobbler.
And the surprise?
It sounded just like I imagined it would.
It was a perfect evening with dear, and dare I say old, friends.
Love these people!

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Michelle said...

Looks like a perfect birthday!