Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's a Wrap...Almost

 I can hardly believe that the 4-H year is already  halfway over. 
I am finished with project meetings at our home for the year and we are just gearing up for the local fairs in the Spring.
  This year, I had a group of all boys (plus SPF) and it was terrific. 
It was different and easy. 
They learned where butter comes from and how to make it from scratch and then lather it all over skillet cornbread.
They learned how to plan a meal for their family and work the prep timeline backward.
They learned how to properly set a table and make Jamba Juice Smoothies.
These kidnicks  all got along and were inquisitive and respectful.
Seriously fun.
Last night, they stood in front of our Club Meeting and shared what they had learned and made through the year. 
We had a lesson in napkin folding, kitchen safety tips and common measurement equivalents. 
And after the meeting, there was fresh cornbread for the members.
Watching these young people stand up and speak in front of a crowd boggles my mind, but nervousness was worked through and they did a great job,
And this girl.
How did this girl.
My girl.
Become so confident in her speaking?
THAT truly boggles my mind.

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Melinda said...

Proud mama moment! She's growing up so fast! I'm always impressed with what you teach those kids in 4H! Well done!