Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Wet Weekend

President's Day weekend allows our girls to each have 4 days off from school. 
Just not the SAME 4 days. 
Last year, LPP met us in Pismo with two friends and we had a great time. 
They got the tour of the Central California Coast in a few days.
  This year, one of the same friends came with LPP, but it was during one of the worst storms the Central Coast has had in recent memory. 
I was tracking the first of the storms on Thursday afternoon so that I could time my drive over between weather cells.
.  We were very lucky and nary a drop of rain fell on us until we arrived that evening.

 The original plan for Friday was that the girls would drive up from Santa Barbara after their classes mid afternoon and Hubby would arrive about the same time from home.
As I watched the rain fall and the winds literally blowing semi trucks over on the highway, I told the girls to stay put and we'd figure transportation for them the following day. 
Mudslides, downed trees and power poles, oh my!
As much as they wanted a break from campus, it just wasn't safe.
Hubby even had to turn back and try the following day because of road closures.
This was all decided while sitting in the car, with the seat warmers on while charging my phone because our power was out most of the day as well.
I must say watching this girl play in the rain is fun stuff.
She adores it.

 Saturday dawned brighter, albeit not clear and the knowledge that my sweet friend's son and daughter in law had offered to bring the girls to us on their way further north was icing on the cake.
Once they arrived, a visit to the pet store to hold and love on this girl was just what everyone needed.  German Shepherd/ Aussie mix. 
She was a cutie.
With a not so cute price tag.
She stayed.
We left.

 This weekend at the coast is usually a very busy one for campers in the dunes. 
Turns out with the storms in the forecast, all reservations were cancelled by the powers that be to keep everyone safe.
Seeing the beach, I say is was a good call.
 Looking back at all that we were able to do last year and the home bound people we were this year, I hope the college girls enjoyed themselves.
I think a change of scenery is what they had needed.
And that they got.
And a duck visit.

SPF missed school on Tuesday as we returned them to campus and home we went. 
Again, stalking the weather channel's radar, we were fortunate weather-wise on the way home as well.
I love looking at the valley on days when you can see for miles. 
The farmland looks like a patchwork quilt.
And I must say, the stunning green hillsides are a site for drought sore eyes.
 Home again.

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