Monday, February 27, 2017

A Saturday Filled with Favorite Foods...and Favorite Kidnicks

 Our County 4-H Office hosts a Favorite Foods Day each year. 
SPF and another member from our club have participated for the last two years and his Mom and I believe this will be an annual occurrence.  
Depending on the member's age, each is to create a menu, a table setting as well as one food item from that menu. 
Menus should reflect the USDA's requirements for the food groups.
 Both of our members also chose to be interviewed which is a great experience for them. 
In addition to entering the Food portion, members can enter a separate table setting,  a decorated cake and a preserved food. 
After the interviews, while the scores are being tabulated, members can participate in several activities that have been set up for them.
Identifying 34 different veggies from photos, decorating cookies, planting beans and identifying spices.

SPF and Mr. N both entered a favorite food and table setting.
SPF created a table setting that she revolved around the Belle character in Beauty and the Beast. 

Her menu and decoration included books for Belle the reader...the deteriorating rose as well as a yummy sounding French menu. 

She won a Grand Champion award. 
Mr. N also won Reserve Grand Champion for his place setting!
Mr. N made a brownie in his food category and placed first in desserts. 
SPF placed first with her main dish of Chicken Pot Pie. 

Before the awards are given out, the room is opened for all to see. 
There seemed to be a wonderful number of youth who participated this year. 
It is fun to see how creative these young people are and to realize that the art of cooking is not dead. 

It might even be making a comeback through programs like this.
I am one proud Mama and Leader to be even remotely a part of it.

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