Thursday, January 12, 2017


We have water in the slough behind our home! 
It has not happened since 2010!!
There is not a lot, but there is some.

The slough is actually there for flood control. 
A way to release water from the lake up stream if needed.
We had a storm last weekend that bought rain, but was quite warm, melting the snow at the lower elevations, thus causing water releases from many lakes and reservoirs in California.
I find myself going to the pessimistic side of my brain for a's only January and the snow is already melting...
we should have been increasing water storage in the past to take advantage of a wet year... hurts my head. 
SO, I am going to savor this.
Savor the fact that watching our youngest and her friend laugh and play is a blessing.
The fact that the water found its way to us is a blessing.
It is doing nothing but helping the groundwater.
It is indeed a blessing that I am savoring. 

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