Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Water Brings Hope

Yes, another post about water and the gloriousness of it in our life. 
I am is no way diminishing the devastation that it can and has brought with it as well. 
We have watched over the last week as our daughter, as well as our nephew, were under flood watches and warning. 
It is not a force to be reckoned with. 
But today, water as I see it. 
Farmer's ground naturally irrigated, although some are flooded so some crops will be lost, but a small price, I suppose.
Water fills our lake.
It has been but a puddle for a very long time.
  It might be time to get the boat running again.
The slough is still running and not only do we have river front property this year, we darn near had lakefront last week.

 A couple afternoons have been spent driving SPF around taking pictures for her 4-H project. 
It am betting that clouds and mountains will be the overwhelming photography theme at this year's fair.
Each one is more beautiful than the last.

Critters of all species are as giddy as I.
  There is nothing like seeing snow in the mountains and on the foothills, green things growing and puddles to make one have hope for the future again. 
 Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I especially love the one of the tree. And the cutie, as well! ;)

Michelle said...

Glad you are finally getting some rain. Though, all at once isn't the best!