Tuesday, January 24, 2017

THE Castle

This post has been a long time in coming and for no other reason than I just didn't. 
I have not felt up to blogging a lot lately and didn't want to do this post...especially this post...in a haphazard way. 
It still may turn out to be haphazard, but I will have put my all into it!
We left Munich about dawn on Saturday and made our way to the King's Castle Area. 
The drive was uneventful which is always a good thing.
It had snowed the night prior a bit and truly made this experience even more perfect. 
There are a few new buildings in the town since Hubby and  were first there in 1988, but it wasn't overrun and overly touristy. 
It was also November.

 Hohenschwangau Castle is actually the childhood home of the future Mad King Ludwig.
It was built in the 12th century...ruined by Napoleon and rebuilt in 1830 by Mad King's Daddy. 
It was used as the family's summer and hunting lodge until 1912...some of whom still lived in a part of it until 1970! 

After a bit of silliness and letting the fact that we were all here sink in a bit, we began the 30 minute walk up the hill.
Just like we did almost 30 years ago.

There are horse drawn carriages that will take you closer to the top, but walking up is what we did then...and it's what we were going to do now.

And then...through the clouds...it appears once again.

There is now an observation deck and the entrance into the castle has been changed a bit.
It is more accessible and with a new ticketing system, there is no way to gain access INTO the castle
without being in the proper tour group.
Hmmmm....had that been in place then, that first kiss never would have taken place.
Another reason to like to good old days!
Although, the observation area was the PERFECT place to take our Christmas card picture!
Not a single complaint when numerous pics were taken and then retaken after the tour to ensure we had at least one with all eyes open.
Once our tour time arrived, in we went.
I was nervous.
The tour guide announced that there were to be no photos taken in the castle.
She said this as we entered the hallway through the servant's quarters.
The place.
The first kiss place.
Our kids all looked at us with grins and asked, "Is THIS it?"
It is.
The tour group proceeded along while Hubby and I and an un-named person lagged behind.
That un-named person had something other than a camera held up to his (or her) and whispered loudly...
"Do something!
Okey dokey.
In the spot.
Our spot.
Twenty nine years and three kidnicks later, we kissed.
Kissy Kissy Castle, indeed.
As huge as this castle appears, it really isn't...
King Ludwig only lived here for 172 days before being removed from the throne and being discovered dead 2 days later in the nearby lake.
He was a bit of a kook.
I remember touring the castle the first time and descending down the gazillion steps to the kitchen.  We imagined the poor servants then having to climb them to bring the King whatever it was he asked for.
This time, a rebel in the group  may or may not have taken some proof of what a cool and modern kitchen it is.
We meandered through the gift shops and had some hot chocolate before starting the trek back down the hill. 

Snowball fights and failed selfies had us all laughing until tears fell.
We decided to take  a carriage down just to say we had. 
Chris sat up front with the driver and my camera while the rest of us sat inside with 5 other people.
The walking was less stinky and claustrophobic feeling, but now we have done both. 
Pretty special.
Back to the base of the hill and the Beast. 
We had thought about driving to Innsbruck from here for more nostalgia, but in the end, decided a nice lunch in Fussen before heading back to Munich would be a better choice.

Fussen is an easy 3 miles away and is a historic town with cobblestone streets and a variety of restaurants and shops. 
We settled on a quaint German café. 
I can't remember the name, but the service was wonderful and the food tasty.
  After a nice walk through the pedestrian streets, we headed back to Munich.

It was not long before we left the snow of Bavaria and returned to lush green farms, complete with woods, fences and horses.

And the only slug bug whose picture we caught.
When Hubby and I met all those many years ago, we never could have imagined this day.
The day that we would be able to bring ALL of our babies back.
All five of us.
Heck...at the time, we couldn't even imagine BEING a family of five.
The hope for this day is what spurred us to travel to Germany while LPP was studying abroad and make it happen.
It was like coming full circle.
Next up, we travel to Berlin.
Loved Berlin.

Day 6


Mari said...

Not hapazardly at all. Thank you for sharing. Your beautiful writing put happy tears in my eyes. I can only imagine how strongly you all felt while being there.

Melinda said...

I love, love, love this! Made me cry tears of joy for you!