Monday, January 9, 2017

Back to Normal...I Guess.

Life at the NutHouse has a decisively different tone than that of the past few weeks. 
I am alone in the house for one.
I have a computer again for another.
Sleeping in and general chaos are but lovely memories.
And our girls are in school.
It is quiet except for the washing machine and the tapping of the keyboard.
We took LPP back to Santa Barbara on Saturday, along with her dorm stuff.
Since she studied abroad last semester, she was moving into a new dorm with a new roommate. 
  The reports were calling for a couple heavy storms that we were wary of, but lucked out a great deal all weekend.
We seemed to be skirting the edges most of the time.

Beds were made and decorations begun and little sisters relaxing and maybe beginning to miss  big sisters.
After saying our farewells to LPP and some of her friends, away we went. 
We decided to extend the trip a night and spent the evening in Pismo Beach.
After a fun dinner together, an early night and a glorious sunrise, we headed for home with skies more clear and hills more green than I can ever remember.
There were areas that we could see clear across the valleys.
It really was gorgeous!

We made it home to a day with temps at 70*s.
But last night, another...hopefully colder storm was set to hit.

So, as I sit here in the quiet and work on our family getting back onto some semblance of a routine, I wish you a good week!
Happy Monday!

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Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! We are trying to get back into a more normal routine as well.