Thursday, January 19, 2017


I must say that I have missed having chickens around here. 
While these aren't allowed to free range like our last gaggle (yes, I know they are not a gaggle, but it's a fun word), they are still hilarious with their antics.
They will mow through a cantaloupe like they've not eaten in a month. 
They will approach the feed cup I had set down...first one...then several...and then all.....very quietly and stealth like before one bravely reaches out to peck at it.
They will all then fly and squawk and flap in I drop the camera and duck for cover. (Okay...the duck for cover is an exaggeration, but the rest is pretty spot on.)
SPF has named them all. 
I remember Ombre.
The rest, I know names, but not which one goes to who.
And since my daughter has been in SCICON (A Science/conservation camp) for the week, I cannot ask for clarification.

 While I will be thrilled to have them start laying eggs, for now I am content with being amused...and apparently, I am easily amused.
Happy Thursday!

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