Friday, January 20, 2017

A Rant

Being an American is something that growing up, I took for granted.
As I grew older, I understood that being an American is something to be proud of, but also carries a great burden of responsibility.
In listening to the news or getting caught up in Social Media, one can lose sight of the things that make this country great. 
Being an American does not mean we all have to agree with one another. 
How we manage those differing views and how we choose to express our differences and ideas is telling. 
Resorting to name calling and foul language tells one thing.
Sitting down and truly listening to opposing views and taking part in discussion tells another.
It saddens me that some people are refusing to watch the Inauguration today.
The peaceful transfer of power is not something that all countries deem important. 
Ours does.
I have watched every Presidential Inauguration as an adult and I know we watched them as a child.
In those umpteen years, there have been presidents that I would have preferred not be taking the oath of office, and yet I watched this great American Tradition. 
This year will be no different.

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