Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Beast and a Glimpse

 When we arrived back in Munich after our day in Salzburg, we were to pick up our car at the train station.
We only had a bit of a detour that left me in tears for a minute.
There are a few handy things to know BEFORE traveling by train for us country bumpkins.
The Main Train Station is call the Hauptbahnhof...
or as certain members of our family refer to ...
the "Hop On and Off". 
Makes perfect sense to me.  
Trains to other cities arrive and depart from here.
 The U-Bahn trains are generally underground, local trains.
The S-Bahn trains are usually above ground local trains.
These stations are also connected underground by wide corridors with shops and eateries. 
Much like an airport. 
Because there was construction on some lines, we were to take an S-Bahn train to another station where we would catch our train to Salzburg. 
This also meant that we would return to the S-Bahn area of the station that evening. 
 Pretty basic and easy stuff, people.  
What I neglected to process in my jet-lagged brain was that the rental car desk would be in the MAIN train station area and that the Hertz signs we saw along the way in the S-Bahn area were merely advertisements....not directions.  
we finally managed to locate the proper place and proceeded to the gentleman at the rental desk.
The train station was lovely all decked out for Christmas.
I had rented a 7 passenger van since the 5 of us would be taking it to Berlin with our luggage.
The nice man asked if we would like to be upgraded to an 8 passenger van.
I was picturing the 8 passenger mini vans we have here.
he said we could be upgraded to a NINE passenger van.
Hubby asked if it was a BUS???
The guy kind of chuckled.
An upgrade is a GOOD thing, right?
We agreed and headed off on foot to where our chariot was waiting for us.
When we arrived at the parking garage a couple blocks away, we were not greeted by the
 meek and mild mini van that I had pictured in my head or the one my hubby secretly feared driving on the Autobahn.
We were greeted by the BEAST.

Once Chris showed the rental employee how to firmly attach the removable middle seat, we were off.
We were off into the wet, drizzly, nighttime streets of Munich in a MANUAL transmission bus-like mode of transportation.
There were several things that Miss Suri or Miss Google Map or whomever was guiding us to our hotel were unaware of.
There is a lot of construction occurring on the streets of Munich.
There are a lot of one way streets.
There was a police protected protest march in the middle of the street we needed to be on.
Hubby did a wonderful job...especially after a kind couple pulled up next to us reminding us in German that headlights would be helpful.
 Now...once we located our hotel, the next phase of panic set in. 
I had reserved parking ahead of time and knew it was in the courtyard of the hotel. 
What I didn't fully look at or think about was the size of said parking.
Parking COURTYARD should have been a clue, but I thought it was just a quaint, pretty word to use instead of parking LOT.
Hubby had to first maneuver Beast into a breezeway to the courtyard. 
As we drove into the breezeway, one of us needed to get out and have the gate to the courtyard opened.  
Beast took up most of the breezeway. 
Doors would not open. 
Parking so that the driver door matched up with the lobby door, hubby was  able to notify the owner that we had arrived! 
She was flabbergasted. 
VERY sweet, but flabbergasted. 
She opened the gate and we drove into an area that had about 5 cars in it...all taking up more that one space.  
There literally was no place to park but against the wall and block in one car. 
The conversation with the owner went something like this......
"The owner of blocked car is at dinner with his family and I think will be taking public transportation tomorrow so he shouldn't need to get out, "
which was met with my husband's
"we will be gone tomorrow by 7:00am, but if he needs his car tonight, call our room and I will move the Beast"
Easy Peasy!
We did indeed rise early on Saturday, had breakfast and began our trek.
Hubby expertly BACKED Beast out of the breezeway to the street on which Chris was standing to stop traffic and the girls and I hopped in.
LPP and I both audibly gasped at the driver's mirror in this shot. 
We both thought it was going to meet the post in the corner.
It did not.
So away we went.
On the Autobahn.
In the snow.

There are a lot of solar farms.

As the morning went on and we moved off the Autobahn onto the road to Füssen and our destination, the scenery began to appear like something out of a fairy tale.
Charming villages and churches seemed to appear out of nowhere.

And then the lake.
And the clouds seemed to open up.
Just a bit.
And we were here.
We were back.
With all of our babies.
To the place we met and began this life together.
Simply awesome!
And magical.
Day 5

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