Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Munich in a Day

After we met LPP at the airport, we took the train straight to Marienplatz which is a combination of old and new Munich.
 The glockenspiel on the New Town Hall is like an enormous cuckoo clock....without the cuckoos. There are figurines that come out and dance and tell the story of a wedding that took place in the square in 1568. 
 The golden statue at the top of the column is the Virgin Mary. 
Marienplatz in named for her...Mary's Square.
There is also a statue on the top of this hall of a child dressed in monk's clothing, holding a book in his outstretched arms.
 Munich is named for the monks who first settled here.
Another interesting fact is that this building is actually the NEW Town Hall. 
It was built in the late 1800's.
Marienplatz was heavily bombed in WWII and the Old Town Hall was rebuilt, but the names remained. 
 If you choose to stick with me, I am full of historical tid bits....
The New Town Hall served at the American military headquarters in 1945.

I was a bit off during this day and never truly gained my bearings as far as what each building was as we wandered.
They are all just so pretty and interesting.

We did make a decision to locate the Schrannenhalle which houses a chocolate lover's paradise.
Complete with a column of melted chocolate as it's centerpiece.
 And wine.
And chocolate.
After lunch, kisses and some story telling, we were ready to hit the streets again.

 Back through Viktualienmarkt with its wonderful open air shops and eateries.

 This would be a fantastic place to wander through when coming home from work on a sunny day and grab items for dinner. 
Or a picnic.
Sunny, it was not however. 
Our next mission was to find the bakery in which Guy Fieri took his son on their European trip.
We found it and crunched our way through crouton-like pretzels.
I think Hunter and Guy were treated to fresh and soft.

The National Theater is a big beautiful building set on one side of Max Joseph Platz.
  Another side of the square sits the Royal Residence.

Walking down the street we came upon another platz...Odeonsplazt which is home to the 
Hall of Heroes and the Theatinerkirche.

The church (Theatinerkirche) was receiving some renovation on the exterior, but the inside was stunning.

As we meandered along through the former royal gardens, the city streets gave way to a peaceful solitude.
Greek Gods stood at attention atop this building and our girl named them all.  
She is a bit of a Greek, Roman and now Norse God expert thanks to her favorite author...Rick Riordon. 
It is fun and a bit impressive that she knows so much.

I think this is the English Garden, but don't quote me on that.
Whatever it was, it was lovely and the leave's colors were beautiful. 
The sound of water...the clean, crisp entire family.
Pretty sweet, I tell you.

There are memorials throughout the city. 
This one had to do with the Berlin Wall and LPP deciphered most of it.

At this point, we had not even been back to the hotel after meeting LPP at the airport that morning.
We decided to call it a day and head back.
We then shared with her our favorite little Italian restaurant.
Felt like we knew what we were doing.
And it was yummy!
Up next...Salzburg.
(Day 3)

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