Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Did You Know?

Did you know that today is Saint Nicholas Day? 
The man who gave up his wealth and spent his life giving to others...especially the young...is celebrated on this day in many places around the world...especially Europe.
Shoes ...or stockings...are left out by children with the hope that St. Nicholas will fill them with toys or goodies.
When Europeans came to America way back when, they brought their traditions and over the years, these traditions have melded into the way many of us celebrate Christmas. 
An orange in the toe of the stocking (which we always received)...represents the gold that St. Nicholas gave away for dowries.
Candy canes represent the shepherd's crook styled staff that Nicholas, as a Bishop, carried.
On this day, we give to others, and expect nothing in return.
Today's Advent Calendar task includes St. Nicholas and a cup of hot chocolate.
In this craze filled season that has become so commercialized and often void of anything other than gift giving and receiving, it is nice to understand how it all came to be.

Bishop Saint Nicholas
Bless you we pray,
for giving to everyone
on this great day,
This great day of sharing
and caring and love,
who just like the Magi
residing above,
Gave little Lord Jesus
gifts fragrant and gold,
you give to all people,
the young ones and old.
Bishop Saint Nicholas,
Bless you we pray.
for being so generous
on this great day
For teaching us all about
Jesus our Lord,
For letting us know
that we're loved by our God.
Bishop Saint Nicholas,
Blessed Saint Nicholas,
all bless Saint Nick
On Saint Nicholas day.
Bishop Saint Nicholas,
Blessed Saint Nicholas,
all bless Saint Nick
On Saint Nicholas day.

From Peter Campbell, Australia. 

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Michelle said...

I teach this to my students as part of our Christmas Around the World unit of study. A wonderful friend of mine introduced me to this tradition many years ago. It was brought to the US by her family generations ago.