Thursday, December 29, 2016

December in a Post

I am so far behind in my blogging! 
 I am realizing just how dependent on a computer of my own I had become... 
both for this here little journaling habit I have and things like 4-H agendas/ project info.
 I have been fortunate enough to have access to a very old laptop that will upload photos for me, but won't well as LPP's  MacBook which will print but won't recognize my phone to upload photos.  
BUT she is back on US soil after a semester abroad and will be heading back to college in a bit and taking her MacBook with her.  
So for now, I will continue as is and pour my heart out when I can.
Lucky you!
December has passed in the blink of an eye on one hand and slow enough to enjoy and savor on the other.
SPF made these sweet ornaments for a few of her friends this year.
She printed words on parchment (from her sister's Mac) that describe each of well their name and year. 
She then cut the words out, rolled them into a loose coil and slipped inside a clear glass orb.
LPP arrived home the week before Christmas and just having her home has done my heart good.  
Hers too, I hope.
Puzzles have been set up as is the tradition and I think the second one will be done soon.

I actually uploaded  a picture of the completed puzzle, but it went "Poof" and is gone. 
AND between the back and forth on the two laptops this morning, this silly post has taken me 2 HOURS already. 
You'll just have to believe be when I say it is cute.

The Gingerbread House has been completed.

My Grandparent's dining room table was filled with family and friends on more than one occasion, which would have made them happy.

Simple appetizers...


 ...and special desserts served in my Mom's childhood collection of demitasse cups. 
Attempts to make Spiced Cider and Mulled Wine ...on two separate a crock pot that was not plugged in were made.
Didn't work.
Max was cheered and Santa was tracked as he made his way past the Azores.
It was determined that LPP could supplement her teaching salary with that of a hair stylist.

Old traditions remained, while others were tweaked.

Thoughtful gifts were received and most of them were given.
My poor sister's gift is still nestled in our tree.
I told her I was just extending the Christmas season a bit longer.  

A couple simple changes and we are ready for what comes next.

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Michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful December. Spent with family and that is most important! Enjoy the rest of 2016!