Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Woven Together

Growing up, Mom and Grandma Jean were avid and fantastic needlepointers.  
Is that a word?
  I think it should be if it isn't already.
Anyway, they were good.
  Mom taught classes in a local shop as well as the junior college on the subject.
They each contributed a panel that was included in the making of the United Nation's Peace Rug.
Very cool.
Over the years, Mom took up knitting again and then began to spin her own yarn.
This is while Dad and her gardening talents drew traffic jams in front of their house and people clamored to see the back yard. 
I kid you not.
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 Oh, yes....she also took up photography which combined all of her passions.
She is that creative.
And my sister?
 I stole most of these from her IG account.
She's crazy good too.
Two years ago, Mom tried something new.
Something she had never wanted to do.
She learned how to weave.
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 The weaving began as a sort of escape and something beautiful to focus on.
But it became more than that.
The ladies that taught her to weave and encouraged her daily wove themselves into her life.
Her heart.
Her very being.
I recently was fortunate enough to meet these ladies in person. 
The ladies who are now the sisters she missed as a child.
And they literally opened their arms to my Hubby and me.
We were all able to put the stories to the faces.
A sampling of Horoscope Color Weaving
A compilation of these special ladies' work.

I felt truly blessed because what could have been a very dark time in Mom's life was filled with love, laughter and color. 
And it continues.

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Michelle said...

So glad your mom was able to learn this craft and have a host of women to boost her on.