Thursday, November 10, 2016


Our girl recently turned 12!
The final year before we have a TEENAGER in the house again.
Reading her Birthday Box entries really puts everything into perspective.  
She is growing up
Seeing some of the same friends listed each year as well as new ones...watching her TV show favorites evolve as well as her books.  
It is fun.
I purchased a book years ago, titled "I Liked you at Ten...I'll Like You Again" and thought I'd share what the year 12 holds.

Involved with you
Is where I stay
Despite the beginnings
Of your breakaway.

Meals together
Are reduced to dinner;
This quality time
Is still a winner.

I am interested
In all that you do-
Education and sports
And friendships too.

Limits are set
For your protection;
You just might need
A little correction.

I persist to guide you,
Keep you out of harm's way;
Though you think 
And too near I stay.

I'm often tempted
To monologue,
But staying in touch with you
Requires dialogue.

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Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl.