Tuesday, November 8, 2016


 November 8, 2016
In America.
Election Day.
What does it mean?
To me, it is a day that is vitally important and should be to all Americans.
Not just because we are all exhausted from the commercials and mail box filling flyers...
the name calling...
the extreme divisiveness...
although having that all end will be a refreshing change. 
Having a say in who best will represent our country in a way that will bring us together for the greater common good is an honor. 
It is an important task for citizens, regardless how the media portrays us.
Having a daughter overseas and  a sister from another country, I know that it is also vitally important to the world. 
In much of the traveling I have done, I have heard comments of "the ugly American"....
"American's trying to rule the world"....
"Mind your own business"....
...but in recent conversations, I am reminded that the world is watching us.  
The world...like us...are wondering how in the heck did these nominees make it this far?  
They are fearful of potential decisions either candidate will make.
 Like me. 
 They look to us to lead by example and act like leaders. 
 Not in a controlling way, but in a strong, capable and compelling manner..
But as my Mom always said, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride".
We can look back and wish things were different.
We can look back and wish two overwhelmingly, magnificent, perfect presidential candidates were our choices. 
 But, there is no such thing and looking back now, serves no purpose other than frustration and teeth gnashing.
What we can do at this point...today...is voice our opinion on a ballot.
 We can honor our founding father's memories by voting.
 By being proud to be an American and being a peaceful and constructive part of this process. 
And whatever occurs after today, we need to come together...let our "what ifs" go.  
We can acknowledge our differences in constructive ways.
We are not a perfect country or people.
Our new president isn't either.
  Keeping America great and building upon that greatness with our personal actions is what we need to do.
So.....go vote!

It is your right, your privilege and your duty as an American.

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Michelle said...

I voted today. So important!!